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Business Broadband Buckinghamshire

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What We Can Offer You

Business Broadband can depend on many factors including your postcode and the unbundled services from BT in your area.
We have the tools to check and offer you the options of the fastest most reliable connection available in your area.
FTTP is a popular choice offering lightning download speeds of up to 1GB
FTTC with Gfast can offer download speeds of up to 300MB
ADSL,VDSL can offer download speeds of up to 80MB
Depending on the type of business and how many devices and users need to access we can advise on the best cheapest broadband for your business.

Types Of Broadband currently available


There are many different types of business internet to choose from as well as internet providers with a range of packages on offer. There are four main types of business internet available:

Leased lines – This is a dedicated fibre broadband connection that is not shared with other users so it will not be impacted by other users’ activity. This is the most reliable broadband connection available offering both a stable and incredibly fast internet connection with up to 10Gbps. It is designed for heavy users that are very reliant on their internet connection or have poor alternatives. It is an expensive option, so it is only advisable if your usage needs or circumstances necessitate it.
Fibre to the Premises or FTTP – This is a fibre connection that is a full-fibre connection from the exchange to the cabinet and then to your premises. This type of fibre connection is a shared connection, but it has little impact on the speed provided. It is a lower cost alternative to leased lines and provides good speeds and reliability. The biggest drawback is the availability of fibre services to the cabinet to offer a full-fibre solution so it may not be available everywhere, however, we can check availability for you.
Fibre to the Cabinet or FTTC – This offers a fibre service from the exchange to the cabinet and then a copper cable to the premises, all of which are shared lines. It is the most common form of broadband with the greatest coverage in the UK and is a low-cost option, but it can be less reliable. FTTC can suffer from issues related to speed and reliability as traffic builds on the line and as the distance from the cabinet increases, it can impact the speeds available.
Copper broadband also known as ADSL – This uses the copper cable connections from the exchange to the street cabinet and then to your premises. It is the most broadly available service, but it offers one of the slowest forms of broadband which is why we don’t recommend it as the main internet service, however, it can be a good redundancy measure for other forms of broadband.

Packages to suit any business

Business Broadband packages are available to suit any business and there are a wide range of packages on offer that can be tailored to suit any size or type of business. We can help you to tailor and select the right package for your business so get in touch to find out more.

If you would like to discuss how Business Broadband can help your business.

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