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Business WiFi

Business WiFi

Providing business wifi throughout your business premises is important to keep your staff connected at all times but it may also be essential to give your guests and customers access to it as well. Wired internet access is not always the answer anymore or the best solution and especially if you want to offer access to your guest and customers, or you are using smart devices, or your staff work in more remote areas of your site that do not have internet cabling. This is where business WiFi can be a good solution for your business.

Business WiFi is a flexible solution to provide access to your internet to a wide variety of users and devices across your site without the need for cabling. To protect your business network you can separate your WiFi into private and public access if required to keep your business users on a secure and separate network.

Providing your customers, guests and employees with exceptional WiFi can help enhance their experience of your business as poorly performing WiFi may impact their view on how important you see them and their ability to access the internet in your facilities. There is never anything worse than watching the scrolling icon as your internet browser as it tries to connect to the destination web page unsuccessful, and when you are providing that internet service (even if it is free of charge) the user will relate its performance to you and the service you have selected.

Therefore, choosing the right business WiFi provider for your business can be an important choice so getting it right is essential. If you enlist our help you will not only gain our knowledge but the experience that we have gathered from supporting many other businesses like yours with business WiFi. As we specialise in supporting small to medium-sized businesses in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire areas, we know what each of the service providers can offer in our areas and how well they work as well as how good their customer service support is.

Investing in the right business WiFi solution can help ensure that you get higher speeds as well as secure and scalable WiFi access across your site and multiple locations. Choosing the right solution and having it installed correctly to maximise coverage can ensure that wherever anyone is in your building or on your site they can access your WiFi network. This can enable staff to access systems through tablets or smartphones anywhere on site that can help with reporting, inventory, process management and tracking, and even keep smokers online when taking cigarette breaks.

If you are a customer-facing business this can help you to retain customers and clients by keeping them in your venue for longer and increasing the probability of them returning to your venue. If you chose to set up public WiFi access you can also create bespoke and branded landing pages that can be tailored with your messages to enhance the customer experience.

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