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Cheap business VoIP

Cheap business VoIP

Many businesses are starting to make the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) because it offers many advantages, the greatest being it offers cheap business VoIP calls and costs which can be much lower than traditional landlines or PSTN lines as they are also known.

You may not be aware but there is a target date of 2025 for the switch-off of the UK’s traditional copper wire telephone network as it is deemed no longer fit for purpose due to it being difficult to maintain. As a result, many telecoms’ providers have started to offer alternatives like VoIP.

VoIP is a completely digital phone service that sends voice calls as data over the internet which offers much clearer phone calls that can be more flexibly managed as well as used. VoIP phone services can be used to make phone calls at any time from anywhere using any internet connected computer, headset or device. This technology converts your voice into a digital signal to send over the internet which is why it can be used on so many more applications and devices. You may also hear it referred to as IP telephony, internet telephony or broadband phone service.

We can assist you in finding the right VoIP service for your business as we understand the needs of SME businesses and the local market in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire as well as what is available. As we support many clients we also have experience of the VoIP providers to understand not only what they offer but how well they deliver. We can help you find cheap business VoIP that will not only be able to generate you some savings on your telecommunications but also find the service that best fits your needs.

VoIP phone solutions can also offer your business an opportunity to unify your communications services which includes phone calls, faxes, voice mail, email, web conferences and more. Through unifying these communications, it makes it simpler for staff to adopt these communication methods and new ways of working that can better support remote working and home working. Many businesses already using VoIP phone service have found the transition to remote working and home working much easier as they can simply provide staff with a headset to accompany their laptop or they can utilise their smartphone as a VoIP. In most cases, it allows internal calls at no cost and can reduce the costs of international calls as well.

VoIP phone solutions are a flexible solution that can allow you to use your existing telephone equipment, use IP enabled phones including smartphones and computers enabled for VoIP combined with headsets. This allows you to transition to VoIP easily and make any hardware changes as and when you are ready.

VoIP services require broadband services to operate and we can help to assess all your infrastructure to ensure that you select the right providers and hardware for your business and have a smooth transition.

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