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Computer expert

Computer expert

Everybody needs a computer expert that can help with sorting out an IT issue, help with improving their systems, provide protection for their assets or provide a fully managed IT service. Whatever service you are looking for we are the computer expert you need!

Avanza IT Services is your local IT support provider and computer expert that is there to specifically assist small to medium-sized businesses that are located in the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire areas. We provide local PC support to SMEs and SOHOs as we understand that these types of businesses require more localised support than larger or national businesses, and that they value the local and dedicated service we provide.

We like to call ourselves Professional Geeks as we are computer experts that like to know everything about our IT specialisms and not only that, we like to ensure that we protect our clients from any threats. It is our personal challenge to protect our clients and provide them with an Enterprise class IT support regardless of the size of the client. We believe in making your IT work for you.

Our IT engineers and technicians are highly trained and experienced in delivering a range of services and projects to clients just like you and they understand the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. As a business, we have also achieved Cyber Essentials certification to reassure clients of our skills. We provide a service you can trust as our customer testimonials show, we deliver excellent customer service and put our client’s needs first.

We understand that not everyone can be a computer expert and that is why businesses need to outsource some of their IT services to businesses like ours so that they can focus on what really matters which is keeping the business going. We provide a variety of services to our clients that allow them to outsource some or all of their IT services from basic support through to fully managed IT services which includes monthly IT support plans with a 98% first fix rate and proactive protection.

We provide a range of services which include remote IT support, server support and monitoring, home office setup, 4G routers for home working, networks and firewalls, broadband and internet, remote working, website design and SEO. We also offer a range of products including anti-virus, personal data backup, Microsoft Office 365, email security, online protection, Office 365 back up and cloud back up.

We can also assist you in finding other IT support services which include cheap business VoIP, cheap business broadband, cheap business internet, business WiFi and Business Office 365. We understand the local market and the suppliers, and we can advise on what they are able to offer you in practice not just promise you.

We help businesses to manage their IT systems as well as supporting businesses to extend their IT capabilities to support more effective remote working and home working which assists businesses to adapt to the more flexible workplace we now face.