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Managed IT support

Managed IT support

At Avanza IT Services, we provide a wide range of IT support services to small to medium-sized businesses in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire from basic IT support to fully managed IT support. Our team of IT experts are on hand to support you with your IT needs and will proactively protect your business from any threats or issues. We will work with you to make your IT work for you so that you can focus on your business.

Our fully managed IT support service has been designed to create a comprehensive support package that will provide businesses with backup support, assurance and protection that they require to keep their business operational and secure.

Our comprehensive plans are monthly paid plans that provide IT support based on the level of plan selected. Each of our support plans provides pro-active monitoring that enables us to monitor what is happening in your IT systems and detect any issues before they cause any problems or as soon as they occur.

Our managed IT support customers benefit from excellent service, and we have a great track record of delivering a 98% first fix rate. This provides customers with great comfort as they can rest assured that we will do everything we can to fix any issues that occur quickly and efficiently as well as the first time.

Managed IT support also includes managed virus protection which means that your systems and assets will be protected from viruses and threats through the anti-virus software we install and the monitoring that we undertake of your systems. This protection coupled with data backup services means that your systems, assets and data will be protected and safe from threats and you won’t lose valuable data.

Another important part of our managed IT support service is data recovery and providing your business with a backup service in the event of any data being lost or corrupted. We can provide regular backup service and can facilitate data recovery if required due to data loss or corruption and will restore it to the latest safe version.

We will also provide you with online protection to protect all your assets whilst they are online from picking up any viruses or being hacked. We will protect your assets and systems using firewalls and virus software as well as proactive monitoring of your systems for any malware, viruses or issues.

We can also help you to plan for the event of any disasters and how to recover your systems if a disaster occurs. This could include backing up your data in multiple places in the event of a storage location being compromised or damaged, restoring data in the event of it being corrupted or lost, or a business premise being unable to be used and needing to relocate to alternative location/s and set up access to your systems there. These plans are essential in ensuring your business suffers minimal disruption, but hopefully, you will not need to use these plans.