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Remote Computer Support for Businesses

Remote Computer Support

Remote support included in your support plan
Computer issues resolved 90% quicker
Remote Support including iPad’s Tablets and Mobile Phones

The remote support agent is included as part of your monthly support plan and allows our engineers to take control of your PC (with your permission) to repair, run tools or scripts, and get you back up and running quickly.

What Is Remote Computer Support

At aIT Services we understand that keeping your business up and running and operational at all times is essential especially if you operate an online business that needs to be available 24/7. This is why we offer a blended service to our clients of remote computer support and on-site support from our local IT support service which has computer experts in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

Our remote computer support allows us to provide phone support to your staff when an issue occurs, enables us to monitor your systems and proactively investigate issues when they arise without needing to physically be at the asset in question. Through remote computer support, we are able to quickly and efficiently resolve issues and get your staff member/asset/system up and running again by either guiding them through the issue or taking remote control of the asset.

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Our Remote Monitoring and Management

RMM offers a range of benefits which include:

Server monitoring – Our software pro-actively monitors all critical software services and hardware components for errors including overheating, high bandwidth usage, low disk space and hard drive SMART errors.

Patch management – We all know some windows updates can cause more issues than they fix, however, some security and critical updates need to be applied almost daily due to vulnerabilities that could be exploited in windows software. Our intelligent patch management can ensure critical and security updates are applied, whilst optional or major updates can be scheduled to ensure minimum downtime, keeping you and your company fully protected.

Managed anti-virus – Most anti-virus software runs scheduled scans at particular intervals, if your PC was switched off during this time, you may need to wait until the next interval. On some free anti-virus software, this could be the next day. Definition Updates (the core detection engine database) are applied daily or weekly. We can exclude files or folders for specific software where the anti-virus would normally need to be switched off to run so you can stay protected and still work. Our Managed solution applies Definition Updates over the internet every 30 minutes. Scheduled scans are carried out intelligently at the best time for your PC, and if missed will run next time the PC is switched on. If a threat is detected, however small, we are informed instantly and will contact you to investigate further if required.

What We Provide

Our highly skilled team of IT experts can provide local PC support for networks, servers, software and hardware as well VoIP, internet and broadband, WiFi and Business Office 365.

We offer our clients Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) which is a way of controlling IT systems through a locally installed application that can be monitored in real-time by remote service providers like ourselves.

Our RMM software allows our administrators to manage multiple endpoints from a single console which can include the installation of software and the detection of new devices. Through this approach to IT maintenance, it enables businesses to focus on their core competencies whilst our IT experts monitor your IT systems for you.

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Remote Computer Support

Remote Computer Support for Small Businesses

Included as part of your monthly support package the remote support agent allows our engineers to take over your PC (with your consent) to allow us to repair, run tools or scripts to get you up and running very quickly.